Mission Accomplished!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

We are pleased to announce the mission was accomplished. We arrived safely to Oakland, CA at 5:45 PM on Monday, August 14, 2006!

DFAC made all of it's sponsored stops, dealership obligations, honored it's commitments, made every stop on the Official 2006 DFAC Published Route and one extra - - on time! The cumulative total for donations collected has not yet been tallied but are estimated at approximately $25,000.

We were interviewed by more than 6 television networks, several different newspapers, and several radio stations and also filmed three short documentaries with independent video producers at and/or near the NBR in Florida. We also recorded a Breast Cancer Awareness Podcast with TrimCom & Swedish American Medical Foundation, soon to be released to the internet.

The ride was long (8,593 miles) and hot (temperatures ranging from 90 -120 degrees, rain, thunder and lightening storms, and even hail).

Divas For A Cure – “DFAC” (Jan Emanuel, Aj Jemison, and Michael Proctor) along with Harry Howard, Chase Vehicle Driver and another rider (Linden Bob, Pick-up Rider) keep to the mission (“Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness & Raising Funds for Breast Cancer Research”).

Completed the entire Official 2006 DFAC Published Route:

Jan Emanuel, DFAC Founder & President
Michael Proctor, DFAC Advisory Board Member & 2006 Road Captain
Harry Howard, Chase Vehicle Driver


Aj Jemison, DFAC Board of Directors, Secretary

Aj Jemison completed her committment to ride the 1st leg of the run (San Francisco to Florida) and fly back to California. She continues to champion the cause and is currently organizing fundraising efforts on behalf of DFAC.

Linden Bob, Pick-Up Rider

Bob started his journey in Newark, NJ and road all the way to San Francisco, CA to ride with DFAC on our cross country mission and ended his route with DFAC in New York.

Although some of the participants did not complete the entire ride with DFAC, we would like to acknowledge and thank everyone that participated.
  • Judy-Ann Young, Core Group Rider (departed from DFAC in Childress, TX)
  • Kim Terrell, Core Group Rider (departed from DFAC in Childress, TX)
  • Tammy Bisconer, Core Group Rider (departed from DFAC in Childress, TX)
  • Gayle Merritt, Core Group Rider (departed from DFAC in Childress, TX)


    Mary Lowery, Core Group Rider (departed from DFAC in Westly, CA)

Home Again, Home Again...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Photos From Mike Smith:

Some pix from today, hope you enjoy. We had fun fun fun.

Day 23 - The Final Stretch

Monday, August 14, 2006

I spoke to Jan last night, and she was in Utah. They are expected home today. I will update the blog to let you all know they have returned both safe and victorious!

To God be the Glory!!!

A Diva's Prayer...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Update (08/15/06):

I want to thank each and every one of you that said prays and positive messages regarding my diagnosis. The devil was busy but God and His hands are more powerful and today I am cancer free. I am now scheduled for reconstruction (I have no breast now) and will be presenting the ladies shortly. Sesamestreet

Sandra Jackson (aka Sesamestreet)
Seriously Sick Individauals, M.C. (SSI)

Today I am asking that all Divas and Dudes supporting Divas, send up a special prayer for our sister-diva SJ. She is having surgery today. May the Lord give her peace, grace, comfort and healing.

  • Sesamestreet said...
    Pam, I was reviewing where the group was tonite and realize that they will be in my home town on Aug 9. That a special date for me for this is my surgery date for my mastectomy.

Buffalo Soldiers of Roanoke, VA. Donate $1,600.00!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Divas For a Cure receive another check for $1,600.00 from the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Roanoke, VA. This check was presented to us at the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers Meeting during the National Biker's Round-Up

Photos of the Divas

--------------- Original Message Follows ------------------
From: Kathy Hurwitz
Date: 8/4/2006 07:39 PM (Central Standard Time)
To: divasforacure@pageturner.net
Subject: Photos of the Divas

Hi, I'm Kathy... I rode up from San Francisco to join the ride from San Francisco to So. Cal. with two others, Stella and Debbie. Here are some photos I took. I am sorry I had to drop out from the heat but my heart and soul is with the group and wish them a safe ride and a great trip to remember! I might have to send them in a couple of e-mails.

Kathy Hurwitz


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Words of Encouragement From Holly .....

From: HHOLLO3235
Sent: Friday, July 28, 2006 2:14 PM
To: info@DivasForACure.org

As one who respects your mission, and as a rider who has completed a few long distance runs, I feel compelled to say "hello it has been about 5-6 days since you started out", and to share with you as to how my frustrations were increasing about this time on my journey.

It must have been a combination of the high temperatures, rain,wind, anxiety, and the testosterone(there were no females with us, if there had been females, perhaps estrogen and progesterone would have been present). To make a long story short, we got so caught up in ourselves, that we almost lost sight of our mission. It was not about us, but about the mission.

You are on a noble mission, and I am sure that there are others who are waiting to hear of the success of your run, because they want to join in with you next year, myself included. So go girls and guys do the run, bring home the results, pictures, stories and memories. Then get busy organizing for next year. This can be as big as Rip's Diabetes Run. When organizing for next please include the Northeast, keep my email address. Settle into the saddle and ride.


Diva Drama

Recently some of the core riders elected to leave the group. All things considered, there is no shame in not being able to make the complete ride. I applaud all of the original diva core riders for their effort to support this cause.

  1. This is a long, rough ride and
  2. There are rules in place for the safety of all involved.

The Divas have been though record-breaking heat, thunderstorms, and even hail storms. This certainly is not a vacation; there was no promise of fun. It is a sacrifice of extreme proportions; it is most definitely passion with a purpose.

The official slogan appropriately is -

"Do you have what it takes to ride with a Diva?"

I will quote Yoda (from Star Wars)

"You either do, or you do not, there is no try."

Those Divas who remain on this ride defiantly have what it takes. Period. There is no room for negative energy here. We are moving forward with purpose.

So, not to waste your time or mind, here are the rules of this Blog:

  1. There is no need to hate – get over it.
  2. Do not attempt to post anonymous-negative comments to this Blog, they will be laughed at and deleted.

So Divas, ride on! And know that you have our admiration, love and support.

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