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Friday, August 24, 2007

We'd love to include your photos from our many stops along the route in your city or at our "Meet & Greets". So, don't complain because your picture is not posted on the Diva Blog - - that's because you haven't sent it to us! If you'd like to be included in the photo gallery, please forward your photos to

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DAY 21 SATURDAY, 11 AUGUST 07 Return Home for Jan Emanuel

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

DAY 21 SATURDAY, 11 AUGUST 07 Return Home for Jan Emanuel

Jan Emanuel's final mileage count during the entire ride
(July 20 - August 11, 2007).
Every day, Every Mile, Every Moment on the Ground Rollin - - totals: 7335.9
And that a WRAP!!!

SATURDAY, 11 AUGUST 07 Return Home for Aj Jemison

DAY 21 SATURDAY, 11 AUGUST 07 Return Home for Aj Jemison

Adding onto her final mileage for the cause, Aj Jemison mounted her bike to head back to Los Angeles to pack, as she prepares to relocate to Atlanta in one week! Who better to escort her home but her Club President, Smooth, of the Buffalo Soldiers of California, who met her and Jan in Fresno at the halfway point.

Oakland Tribune: Motorcycle trek battles cancer

Monday, August 13, 2007

Pine-Sol rolls out the red carpet...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pine-Sol rolled out the pink carpet for us in Oakland.

It was a wonderful feeling to roll into Oakland and be greeted by the Clorox Corporation and Pine-Sol, along with family and friends. Pine-Sol presented us with a check for $10,000.00, and a full-page feature in the October edition of Essence Magazine. Pine-Sol has also agreed to donate 21 mammograms to an organization of our choice right here in our community!

We arrived at approximately 6:00 PM and didn't have time to stop to clean off the road-dirt, freshen-up or change clothes. We are sun burnt, sore and exhausted but happy. I officially road from Oakland to Maryland and back to Oakland making numerous fundraising stops along the way and logging in 6969 miles.

No and I'm not quite finished. Aj Jemison currently lives in Los Angeles road back with me to Oakland for the Pine-Sol presentation and I will ride with her half-way back to Los Angeles on August 12, 2007. I don't think I will ride much for a few weeks. My butt need a break!

We would like to send a special thanks to Carolyn Jones at who started our 2007 Divas For A Cure Cross-Country Breast Cancer Motorcycle Run with a generous donation of $25,000.00, along with giving us so much other support behind the scenes.

T.C. Costley - I love you! To the men and women in the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers Motorcycle Club (My Motorcycle Family) you are truly wonderful. This journey would not have been possible without you escorting us along the way and your love and support of this cause. Thank you to my other M/C family - The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of California for kicking this event off "LA Style". Yes, and leave it to Harley-Davidson to add a little splash of Hollywood by arranging a homecoming ride along with Tyson Beckford.

There were so many other motorcycle clubs, organizations, family and friends (Senator Judy Eason-McIntyre, Martha Vaughn, Alberta Jones, Rickey Gadson, Sugar Bear, Red - Choppers M/C, Road Divas of Distinction M/C of Maryland, Lady's of Harley - Roanoke, Most Wanted M/C, Iron Souls M/C, East Bay Dragons M/C, Blue Flames M/C, Rising Sons M/C, Rare Breed M/C, The Black Biker Magazine, The Page-Turner Network, PDS San Francisco, AMCORP, V100 in Los Angeles, KJMZ in Tulsa) - - too many to name but thank you to everyone who supported us on our journey. We hope that we made a difference in the lives of the people we met along the way.

Finally, the Divas (Jan Emanuel, Aj Jemison, Victoria Murphy and Claudia Lile) - - we did it!!!!

Peace and Blessings,

Jan Emanuel "Sunny" Founder & President
Divas For A Cure
c/o Administrative Consulting Services
P O Box 18904
Oakland, CA 94619
510-891-2300 Phone
866-850-4461 Fax

Mission Accomplished!

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Divas are back!!!!

They traveled over 6,543.6 miles!!!

Now that is what I call "Passion with a Purpose!"

I am so proud of my sisters and I am so thankful to all you who have made donations and sent up prayers for their safe return!

Go Divas, Go Divas...

Check out the Divas return on Fox News 11 in LA:

Click Here to see article.

It is not to late to donate! We are almost at that $50,000 Goal!

DAY 17 - 20

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Travel from Los Angeles to Oakland, California
Final Destination for Divas For A Cure

We all rose early, well aware that our 2007 adventure was coming to a close. Aj drove our escort 90 miles back to Victorville to retrieve his motorcycle, and Miss Vickie departed Los Angeles ahead of the group to arrive to Oakland in time for a celebration hosted by her husband. The remaining Divas (Aj Jemison, Claudia Lile and Jan Emanuel) departed Los Angeles before noon, separating approximately 60 miles outside of Oakland to make the two events (Clorox Corporation and Gloria's
Leathers) being held in Oakland. The end of a journey that has changed the lives of all of us had finally arrived! Later in the evening Jan and Aj joined Claudia at Miss Vickie's home to wish Vickie a Happy Birthday and reminisce over the previous three weeks.

Travel from Las Vegas, Nevada to Los Angeles, California

DAY 18 WEDNESDAY 8 AUGUST 07 (APPROX 285 MILES) Travel from Richfield, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada

The Anthony Pollard Foundation hosted a Meet & Greet for the Divas upon our arrival in Las Vegas. Diane Pollard (a childhood friend of Aj) was a gracious hostess providing food, soft drinks and music to celebrate the accomplishments of the riders. Divas For A Cure hung out with Sandra Jackson (A Breast Cancer Survivor and supporter) along with friends and family. Although the crowd was small, we had a great time, concluding the evening with some line dancing in the parking lot of the shopping center.

Divas For A Cure in Denver, CO

Monday, August 06, 2007

Divas For A Cure on 9 News in Denver, CO


Our visit to the historical Buffalo Soldiers Monument At Fort Leavenworth.

We took time to visit the historical Buffalo Soldiers Monument at Fort Leavenworth in honor of our family who served in the military.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

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